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Pure Steam Generator

Release Date:2023-05-06author:Honour Pharmaceutical

Pure steam is a type of clean steam used in pharmaceutical production processes. Pure steam generator can provide high-quality pure steam for industries such as pharmaceuticals and food, meeting strict hygiene standards.

HONOUR's pure steam generator uses a highly integrated equipment process layout, which can make the equipment compact, occupying a small area, and easy to operate. Effective three-stage separation, falling film flash evaporation, 180° gravity inversion of liquid and vapor separation, and centrifugal spiral separation remove pyrogen and impurities effectively. It features low medium consumption and high utilization rate of purified water. Its non-condensable gas, dryness, and superheated production indicators meet EN285 and HTM2010 requirements, producing high-quality pure steam. HONOUR's pure steam generator uses ASME BPE electro-polished standard materials, greatly reducing the risk of red rust. The design, manufacturing, and verification of the equipment fully comply with current GMP/WHO/EU GMP/FDA/cGMP standards. Additionally, it can be customized to meet different industries' demand for pure steam. Pure steam generators are widely used as clean heat sources in pharmaceuticals, food processing, and cosmetics production.


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